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If you’ve recently started your own business, we know just what you’re going through.

We started our own business too (and look how we’ve grown!).

We haven’t forgotten how hard it is.  We were lucky.  We knew expert lawyers who could help.  Those experts can help you too.  Here are some of the things they/we could help you with.

  • What form is best for your business: a company, a partnership, or a sole trader?
  • Commercial advice, including terms and conditions.
  • A home for your business: lease, purchase, serviced offices?
  • Compliance: whatever business you’re in, we can provide advice on the regulations which impact on it.
  • Employment and HR: staff policies, procedures, contracts and general queries.

For further information please contact, Associate, Robert Maddocks, T: 0161 358 0536, E: robertmaddocks@hrclaw.co.uk.