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Whether you’re bricks & mortar, e-commerce or omni-channel, we understand that retailers have had a challenging time lately.  The good news is that we are seeing plenty of activity in this sector!

Here are a few ways we could help:

  • Human resources: We know how costly staff retention and recruitment is.  Our HR lawyers can provide guidance and support on all aspects of employment and HR law, supporting you on the softer skills as well as providing hard legal support when you need it.  We offer a range of pricing options, so you can budget effectively.  With one of the UK’s experts on recruitment law at our helm, we’re particularly well-placed to help you to negotiate and agree both contracts with recruitment agents and terms for direct employees, including directors’ service contracts.


  • Property: Whether you’re on the street or online, we can help you to negotiate that shop lease or the purchase of your next warehouse and offices.  We advise a national retailer with over 180+ stores and a turnover in excess of £95 million on all its commercial property transactions, as well as recognised brands including: Bench, NICCE, The Sock Shop; The Fragrance Shop; THE Chinese Buffet and emerging retailers. We have also built up specific expertise on issues surrounding concession stores within larger businesses and franchises.


  • Commercial:  We can help you with the negotiation and drafting of contracts – ensuring that bigger picture (and PR) issues such as CSR and supply chain transparency and management – are covered, as well as the nitty gritty that’s specific to your business’s unique needs (e.g. your website Terms and Conditions and standard debt-chasing letters).


  • Corporate: With advertising and financial reporting standards shifting, and regulation in what feels to be a constant state of flux, it’s important that your legal team understands the framework in which your industry is operating.  As well as sector specific expertise, we can help with the nuts and bolts of corporate filings and administration.  If you’re planning on a 5-year exit strategy, we can help you prepare for the sale of your business.

If you’re in the business of retail and are thinking of buying legal services, we’d like to meet you.  Please get in touch with us for a no-obligation discussion.

Please contact, Partner, Helen Marsh on T: 0161 358 0544 or E: helenmarsh@hrclaw.co.uk; to discuss your requirements.