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Simply because you’re a professional, you can’t be expected to know everything all of the time.

You are an expert in your field. We are experts in ours. We can help you with your legal matters enabling you to focus on doing what you do best providing your clients and customers with an excellent service.

We provide advice to professional practices on their corporate structure and any changes that may be required by virtue of changes in law or as a result of tax advice. Our team also have extensive expertise in advising exiting partners, members and shareholders to ensure that the “corporate divorce” is as painless as possible.

We can also help to train your staff so you aren’t at risk of losing business, or even employees because things aren’t being done properly. When things do go wrong, we can be there for you to advise on all aspects of managing performance through to exiting employees.

We won’t try to teach you how to do our job and we will cut to the chase. We’ll provide you with clear, practical and commercial advice that is tailored to the needs of you and your business.

Please contact: Associate, Sarah Armstrong on T: 0161 358 0535, E: saraharmstrong@hrclaw.co.uk to discuss your requirements.