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Corporate Associate, Sherrelle, was delighted to receive an email from a nursery owner she’d recently supported, Sharon Massey.

Sharon was happy for us to share her story with you.  Here it is.

Sharon’s experience of selling her nursery business with HRC Law

Earlier this year I decided it was time for me to sell my much-loved business and retire. It was a hard decision; my Nursery had been a major part of my life for over three decades.

The agents l used to sell my business recommended several solicitors to me. I spoke to three different firms before I made my decision. I chose HRC Law largely because of their experience in the sector.

In my initial conversation with Mark Traynor, partner at HRC Law, he explained the selling process, and the terms and conditions of the contract l would have with them. l knew immediately that I was in capable and professional hands.

Sherrelle Scott, Associate at HRC Law, telephoned me quickly after that to introduce herself and the team. She explained that she would be leading the team who would be acting on my behalf throughout the process. The team included a buildings and land expert, an accountant and various other advisors who would resolve any questions or queries which might arise throughout the sale. Sherrelle stressed that she would be available any time l needed to have anything explained to me, and that I could rant, rave and generally have a grumble to her if I was finding the sale stressful.

Due to endless problems created by the purchasers and their solicitor, I did at times find the whole process stressful and frustrating. This is where Sherrelle and her team excelled themselves. Their support and professionalism was exceptional. On many occasions they did listen to me ranting, crying and feeling at a loss as to what to do next. When that happened, Sherrelle and co always reassured me and, crucially, they resolved the endless problems as they arose.

During the 7 months it took to complete the sale, l felt that Sherrelle and her team became like an extended family to me. Their support, expertise and friendship is something that I will be forever grateful for.

I am now enjoying my retirement and cannot recommend Sherrelle and everyone at HRC Law enough. The whole team are amazing, very professional but also very understanding and compassionate when problems arise. Personally, I would not have been able to see the sale through without their unending support and patience.

If you are thinking of selling your nursery business, particularly if, like me, you know that you’ll find it emotionally difficult selling on something you’ve worked so hard to build, then HRC Law is definitely the legal team you need.

Sharon Massey, A very happy and retired nursery owner.

Thank-you Sharon.  We all wish you a very happy retirement.

Thinking of selling your nursery business?

If you know someone who is thinking of selling their nursery business, please let them know that Sherrelle,  Mark and the team could help them too. Please ask them to give Sherrelle a call or email her, or to request information by filling in our inquiry form.

Photo of Sherrelle Scott