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HRC Law building blocks

As a young flourishing business ourselves, we understand the value of promotion and support during those early and foundation years. If nursery care is your business, our business has the building blocks to help you and yours to thrive.

We’ve successfully looked after others in the nursery sector,  enabling these clients to foster their potential and develop in the direction they wanted to.  Former nursery owner, Sharon Massey, speaks about why she would recommend HRC Law to anyone looking to sell their nursery business, here.

Read about some of our recent transactions which have been reported in the media here and here.

While you’re busy helping your little stars to twinkle, we can help your business to shine.

So, whether you’re looking to:

  • sell or buy a day nursery;
  • better understand the regulatory regime for childcare;
  • better understand the wider statutory requirements which will impact on your childcare business (such as employment law; planning; health & safety); or
  • invest in a nursery or childcare business,

We can help.

Please contact: Partner, Mark Traynor, T: 0161 358 0532; E: marktraynor@hrclaw.co.uk, to discuss your requirements.Image of building and playground