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Claimant (yes, Claimant!) ordered to pay record costs

An Employment Tribunal in Makanjuola v Waltham Forest Council [2014] has made a costs award of over £117,000 against the Claimant. Mr Makanjuola (M) had worked for the London Borough Council of Waltham Forest as an Environmental Health Enforcement Officer for 19 years. He was dismissed for gross misconduct and subsequently made 69 separate allegations […]

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“It’s not over when it’s over” when it comes to victimisation

The Court of Appeal has upheld the right of a former employee (Mr Jessemy, “J”) to claim victimisation by his ex-employer who gave J a bad reference due to J’s discrimination claim. J brought proceedings for age discrimination and unfair dismissal against his former employer, Rowstock Ltd (“R”). When J then tried to get another […]

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Protecting Beliefs: Indirect religious discrimination and the workplace

Around Christmas one of Marks & Spencer’s Muslim checkout workers refused to sell alcohol to a customer. During the resulting media furore, the retailer explained that where an employee’s religious belief restricted what food or drinks they could handle, it tried to place them in a “suitable role.” Whilst each supermarket chain had its own […]

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