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In time we may get clarity on holiday pay calculations. Right now, overtime’s still in the mix – guaranteed or not

We understand that the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland has decided in Patterson v Castlereagh Borough Council that a worker’s voluntary overtime could, in principle, be included when calculating his or her holiday pay. The earlier industrial tribunal (IT) in Northern Ireland had determined that voluntary overtime (i.e. overtime that the employer isn’t obliged […]

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Energy Performance Certificate ratings below E = Headache for Landlords

  Landlords, it’s time to isolate your risks and insulate your investments! Why? Because the MEES are coming. Yes, that’s MEES; not mice – although both could impact on your property and cause you headaches. Regulations have been made to introduce the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (the MEES). They’re part of the Government’s plans to […]

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Company director found to be both an employee and a worker

The Court of Appeal has ruled that a company director and shareholder was an employee even though he had no written contract of employment and had never been paid or pursued payment. Robert Stack had been invited to invest in a new company Ajar-Tec Limited (the “Company”) which specialised in audio-visual equipment, along with Mr […]

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