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Daddy Cool

Ooom-pa pa for dads!

With Father’s Day this Sunday, we’re focusing on dads, celebrating paternity and fatherhood in all its forms. You may well have seen our social media campaign on #fatherfacts.  From seahorse daddies carrying the babies and”Maennertag” festivities in Germany, to grandfather clauses and paternity leave, dad’s been the word at HRC Law this week.

And with a Court of Appeal case looking at shared parental leave, dad’s been the word in the courts & legal commentary too.

Some of you might be dads or step-dads yourselves.  You’ll doubtless be preparing for that new pair of socks or a shiny new tie, bought with love.

We all have male role models and mentors who have helped and supported us in different ways.

Whether our own dads, step-dads and/or grandads, or work colleagues, managers, teachers and/or friends. Here’s to them (whether here, or alive only in our hearts).  Whoever they are, let’s blow their trumpet!  And however you celebrate it, Happy Father’s Day. Ooom-pa pa for dads!


Busy bees in May

Did you know: A male bee is also called a drone?  Drone bees don’t have stingers nor do they gather nectar.  A drone’s main role is to mate with an unfertilised bee – so being a dad is, literally, what it’s all about if you’re a boy bee. Of course, the word “drone” is also used (in a negative sense) to refer to a person who lives on the labour of others.  We are pleased to say that whilst we have many busy bees here at HRC Law (many of whom are fathers), we don’t have any drones.  May was a busy bee month for us all though.

Busy and happy May happenings:

  • Thanks to Zac Williams of Grad Touch who spoke to attendees at our Business Protection, Flexible Working Seminar, about his company’s innovative approach to holiday entitlement and working hours.
  • Thanks also to Hannah Beko from Gunner Cooker for presenting the Successfully Happy Workshop on Thursday 16 May at our offices.  A great event for lawyers in, what was, Mental Health Awareness week.
  • Our first HR Chats Forum for HR Professionals, held on Thursday 16th May, went really well.  Thanks to all the participants. If you are interested in finding out more, click here
  • Our May rerun of March’s Compliance Seminar for Recruiters was another success.  Lots to talk about, as ever, in this ever-changing industry.  Thanks for attending and for the great feedback!

Here’s a look at where we’ve recently featured in the news:

  • Following the launch of a shocking report from the TUC which revealed that LGBT staff are facing high levels of sexual harassment and assault and two-thirds still not reporting this to their employer, Employment Associate, Laura Darnley, commented on what the issues are causing this. She also looks at how employers can create an inclusive business.  Coverage appeared in: Personnel Today here; HR Grapevine here; and Loved Workplace here.
  • Employment Associate, Jo Handler wrote for People Management about the benefits for SMEs in reporting their gender pay gap. Read her piece here.
  • HR Magazine asked Simon Whitehead to demystify the Good Work Plan and clarify what it means for HR professionals. Read his comments here.
  • People Management also published an article by Simon on the benefits of the co-employment trend which has come over the pond from the US. Read more here.

In Hot Response to Current News, Employment Associate, Siobhan Howard-Palmer, and Solicitor, Heena Kapadi, looked at:

Father’s Pay case and other updates

  • A failure to pay two male employees enhanced shared parental pay did not constitute direct or indirect sex discrimination, rules the Court of Appeal.  Read more about this decision and its implications for employers and employees here.
  • The Court of Appeal has also looked at whether voluntary overtime should be taken into account when calculating holiday pay.  Read more here.
  • It’s something we hope no parent ever needs, but the Parental Bereavement Leave Act is due to come into force next year.  Read more here.Our employment team can help with any HR or employment law queries.  Please just get in touch.