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Coronation Cheat?


What is the news?

Coronation Street fans have taken to Twitter to express their outrage after witnessing character Emma Brooker being paid £25 for a four-hour shift at the famous Rovers Return in last night’s episode.

What does the news mean?

While an hourly rate of £6.25 would fall foul of the National Minimum Wage for someone aged 21 or over, in this instance Emma Brooker is 18 years old and so she is actually only entitled to an hourly rate of £5.90. A claim to the employment tribunal or a penalty from HMRC would, therefore, be unsubstantiated. The Rovers Return is safe for now.

What do we think of the news?

Given the numerous tweets hitting out at the pub’s “audacity” to pay £25 for four hours’ work, there is clearly a misconception regarding an employer’s obligations when it comes to payment of wages (or perhaps just how old Emma Brooker is supposed to be). The guidance, as set out by the government, is that the hourly rate for minimum wage is dependent on an individual’s age and also whether they’re an apprentice. Rates will increase in April 2019, so if you’re an employer, now would be the prime time to ensure your payroll are ready to implement the relevant changes. Failure to get this right can result in employment or civil claims being brought by employees in respect of an unlawful deduction of wages, a penalty being imposed by HMRC and a potential naming and shaming by government bodies.

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