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6: a perfect number


As we celebrate our 6th year, we look at 6, perfection and (of course) HRC Law…


Six years old on 6 April 

It doesn’t feel so long ago since Simon Whitehead bravely went where many lawyers feared to tread and became the owner of a start-up law firm.

All start-ups face challenges.  A regulated law firm is no exception (it just has considerably more forms).  Luckily, Simon was accustomed to red tape.  He and his partner were also in the midst of adopting their third child (he likes to be busy).

But what should he call his nascent firm?  It would do HR and employment, because that’s where Simon’s key expertise lay. But it would also do commercial and corporate support, because that’s what his prospective clients also wanted and needed.  And it had to include the word “law”, because law would be its business.

Be it a fluke, fate, or serendipity, in a flash of inspiration Simon realised that his children’s initials were the same three letters: HR, and C.  He checked that the name was free, and bingo, HRC Law LLP was born.

6 years later and here we are.  Bigger and broader than we were in those early days, and with much more room to manoeuvre in the office (oh, but what fun it was when the equal and opposite effect of a quick and careless chair-slide outwards was the audible “umph” as your back-to-back colleague was forcibly and unexpectedly thrust into his/her desk).

But some things change and some things stay the same.  As in those early days, 6 years on HRC Law LLP exists and thrives because of you: our clients, referrers, followers, friends and supporters.

Thank-you so much for continuing to be our perfect fit.  Here’s to the next 6 years!



Why 6 is a perfect number

To discover whether a number is perfect, write down its factors.  Cross out the number itself then add the remaining numbers together.  If their sum equals the number you started with, that number is perfect.

For example, 6 has the factors, 1, 2, 3 and 6.  Delete the 6 and add the others (1+2+3 =6).  6 is the perfect number.    Can you find others?

We’ll be sharing some facts and figures based around the number 6 on our social media platforms next week to celebrate our birthday.  Please do like and share these if you can; it shows us that you’ve seen them and helps to spreads the word about HRC Law.

To discover whether a law firm is the perfect match for your business:

  • try them out with something that you’ve been meaning to sort out;
  • speak to one of their lawyers to get a feel for how they operate and what their values are; or
  • come to one of their seminars.

It makes perfect sense.




Here’s a look at 6 places where we’ve recently featured:

  • We were thrilled to advise My Digital Accounts as it secured £1.25m investment from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. Read more on the deal of The Business Desk here or Insider here.
  • We also recently advised CMAP Group on its sale of a business to Razorblue. Click here to read more on this deal.
  • Commercial and IP solicitor, Rob Eakins wrote about blockchain for Compare the Cloud. Click here to read his insights on why and how blockchain businesses can adopt legal frameworks to gain competitive advantage.
  • Employment associate, Robert Maddocks, has been speaking to People Management about the issues HR professionals should bear in mind when their company decides to restructure. Click here to read the full article.
  • Employment Associate, Laura Darnley, spoke to the Telegraph about issues around ethnicity quotas for businesses.  Click here to read her comments (free registration required).



Recruit: Compliance 2 (the re-run) and 5 other happenings

Given the success, of the RECRUIT: Compliance Seminar that we held with NatWest in March 2019, we’ve decided to re-run the event. A number of places have already been taken. Click here to find out how to book yours now…

Here’s what one follower kindly shared on Twitter after the “initial showing”:  “Thank you @HRCLawLLP @NatWestBusiness for a very informative afternoon yesterday in Manchester for the seminar on the compliance changes around #IR35 that are on the way…”

Following our successful workshop in March, our 15th May Business Protection Seminar on Flexible Working is filling up.  Reserve your free place by clicking here.

Our next workshop (10th July) is on Achieving equality and diversity/unconscious bias.  A popular topic.  Click here to book your place (if you’re entitled to a discount, please be sure to check the correct box).

Brexit support plan.  We’re ready to chat to your business about what Brexit might mean for it and are ready to launch a new product aimed at doing just that.  If you’d like to know more, please contact Laura Darnley on  T: 0161 58 0541.

We know it can feel isolating for HR consultants and in-house HR specialists.  With this in mind, we’re about to launch a networking and learning group just for you at our offices in Central Manchester. The round-table chats will be held on the first Thursday of every other month, starting on 2 May 2019.  If you’d like to come, know someone who would, or simply want to know more, please contact Jo Handler on  T: 0161 358 0548.

Just a reminder that various rate changes etc. have taken effect this month.   The second page of this handy little leaflet sets out some of them. Please let us know if you’d like a hard copy.

Finally, whilst talking of happenings, thank-you very much to TEAM for hosting a fantastic conference last week.  We thoroughly enjoyed being there and seeing and meeting so many of you.


On our website

In case you’ve missed any of our recently produced material, here’s a round-up of six types of content.

1. Bulletins 

Corporate and tax associate, William Ngan, talks about changes to Entrepreneurs Relief which will apply from 6 April 2019. Read his piece here.

2. Brief Guides

William has also created a fantastic brief guide to partnerships.  Click here to read it.

3. News

Solicitor, Heena Kapadi looks at what National Stress Awareness Month is all about here.

4. Hot Response

Our Hot Response team have warned us to mind the gender pay gap and asked whether employers should be taking a meno-pause for thought.

5. Careers Focus

Our Careers Focus feature included interviews with: Corporate Associate, Sherrelle Scott(click here); and
Commercial and IP Solicitor, Rob Eakins (click here). Managing Partner, Simon Whitehead, speaks about working hard to redefine success (click here).

6. Evergreen

Because we’ve been around for 6 years now, we have 6 years worth of useful content on our website.  Here are 3 pieces worth reminding you about:

  • If you’re thinking of moving jobs and know that your existing contract contains restrictive covenants, read this (and this – the law likes to keep us on our toes);
  • If you’re thinking of disposing of your commercial property, read this; and
  • If you’re thinking of buying or selling a business, read this.

And because we always like to go one better, here are a couple of examples of the new ways in which we’ve been sharing content:

  • Podcast: The Recruitment Leadership podcast with Alison Humpries (for I-tunes, here; for Spotify, here).
  • SlideShare edits: Business Protection 2, Employees and Social Media, click hereand Employer issues arising from Brexit, click here.

We aim to keep all of our content perfectly clear. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of it or think there is a topic we should be covering.


Photo of Stephen McGonigle


Picture perfect PA

If you’ve called HRC Law, or been into our offices, you’ll probably have spoken to or met Stephen. For those of you who’d like to put a face to a name, tah dah, here he is!

The lawyers at HRC Law couldn’t do their jobs without the excellent support they get from all of our admin (plus!) team.  ClareCarolynDanielle, Jeny (welcome too to you! Jennifer will be coming soon to a website near you…) and of course Stephen – we know you go over and above and we are grateful.  Thank-you for all you do.