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Like a road map, a well-written contract gives its users confidence and certainty; clearly signposting where to go next; flagging risks and protecting its users.

Whether you’re venturing into a new area for the first time, revisiting an existing business relationship or planning the best route to market, HRC Law’s Commercial Team can give your business the legal support it needs to get where it wants to be.

You can read about other people’s experience of using our commercial team here.

Your success is our business. By better understanding your business, together we can put in place documentation to keep you on track. Creating written agreements will also help you to focus on what you want and need from each contractual relationship.

We can help not only with contractual drafting, negotiating or simply explaining, but also with big picture commercial issues and decision making.

Your intellectual  property, including data and confidentiality

  • Protecting, licensing, controlling; using and/or sharing IP rights; Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Your regulators, compliance, investigations, audits; policies and procedures

  • Data protection and GDPR; the right to work, business immigration; National Minimum Wage; bribery, Corporate Finance Act and Modern Slavery.

Your supply chain, suppliers, purchasers and partners

  • Supply, outsourcing or manufacturing agreements; agency, distributorship or franchise agreements; standard terms.

Your customers/clients, old-school or online; consumers or B2B

  • E-commerce models; standard terms and conditions of sale; frameworks and tenders; website terms and policies.

Your network, consultants, contractors, partners, collaborators

  • Marketing and PR; outsourcing; temporary workers/employment agencies; joint ventures.

Your IT and technology infrastructure, software, hardware; cloud, web and Apps

  • Licences, support and maintenance; hosting, development, Research and Development (R&D); ERP or CRM solutions; blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

To find out more please contact, Associate, Graham Hansen on T: 0161 358 0552 or E: grahamhansen@hrclaw.co.uk or, Solicitor, Rob Eakins on T: 0161 358 0280 or E: robeakins@hrclaw.co.uk.  If you’d like to first read what others thought of our service, we’ve added examples of some of the feedback we’ve received here.