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Graham Hansen

T: 0161 358 0552

E: grahamhansen@hrclaw.co.uk

Graham Hansen
Commercial Associate

Graham spent over a decade as a solicitor working in both private practice and as in-house legal counsel (working with the esure Group and Acenden Limited) within London and the South East before he joined HRC Law.

Advising on all the competing requirements and contractual issues for these businesses means he is well versed in recognising your key needs.

Central to the operation of your business is having appropriate contracts in place which are pragmatic and flexible, yet ensure the necessary protection and minimise risk. Graham recognises that all functions of a successful business are integrated and he will take a holistic approach to yours, including your:

  • Customers/Clients
  • Intellectual Property
  • Network
  • Supply chains
  • IT technology and infrastructure
  • Regulators

In addition, Graham has extensive experience working with businesses which are subject to the requirements and pressures of regulatory regimes and enforcement.  He has worked for years within the consumer insurance, regulated mortgage and consumer credit industries.

Looking forward:

In a changing landscape, Graham is excited by the prospects for Digi-tech and e-commerce businesses and works closely with his clients in these sectors to support their new and developing business models.  He has also developed a significant practice within the fashion and creative sectors and appreciates the unique challenges of these industries.

Graham will be able to advise on your concerns and help your business to survive and thrive despite the impacts of Brexit and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). He is well-placed to assist your business with any commercial contractual, or broader advisory, issues.

To find out more, please contact, Associate, Graham Hansen on T: 0161 358 0552 or at E: grahamhansen@hrclaw.co.uk.