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Debbie Nuttall

T: 0161 358 0542

E: debbienuttall@hrclaw.co.uk

Debbie Nuttall

Debbie helps our expert lawyers so that they can focus on what they do well – i.e. helping our clients by using their legal knowledge and skills.

Debbie’s role is varied, encompassing many of the tasks that a professional support lawyer might carry out in a large city firm, for example:

• Marketing and business development. Debbie creates and edits copy, including social media posts or bulletins; liaises with the firm’s external suppliers; and ensures that the information on the firm’s social media sites, it’s website and in external publications reflects the firm’s brand message of “clarity”; and
• Fee earner support. Debbie supports fee earners with research tasks, keeps an eye on developments which might impact on the firm’s clients or their sectors, and supports fee earners with their pitches and presentations. Debbie also sources and coordinates training for all the firm’s staff including providing inhouse training on compliance and client care issues.

Debbie helps to welcome new starters and work experience visitors into the firm: in terms of administration and in terms of making time to talk to them about the firm’s culture and goals.

She supports the firm’s officers with compliance and risk management issues, ensuring that all staff stay up-to-date, assisting with queries from fee earners and looking after the firm’s internal compliance and client care documents.

Debbie’s training and experience before joining HRC Law was varied and full.

She completed her training contract and early post-qualified years in the City of London at a Magic Circle firm, working with large blue chips, regulators, and international colleagues on large international and national matters after qualifying into the Environment, Planning and Regulatory team.

Subsequently, she worked inhouse as Solicitor to a small district Council, working closely with residents, councillors, and fellow officers. Debbie therefore has an unusually wide experience of legal practice – from international litigation to prosecuting for dog fouling – which makes her the ideal person for random questions about some of the more obscure areas of law!

Debbie is still a solicitor and keeps up-to-date with the fast pace of legal change, both in order to support the other HRC Law fee earners, and to maintain her own professional development.

To find out more please contact, Associate, Debbie Nuttall on T: 0161 358 0542 or E: debbienuttall@hrclaw.co.uk.

LinkedIn: Debbie Nuttall