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We know this is one of the first questions you want answering when you’re thinking of buying a service.  We will do our best to answer that question once we understand more about you and your matter.

We don’t provide an off the shelf service and can’t price our services as a commodity.

Transparency, for us, has always been key and that includes transparency about costs to our clients and potential clients.

The SRA’s new Transparency Rules require us to display certain price and service information in respect of some aspects of the work we do for employers and employees on our website.  We explain more on our page on prices for those types of Employment Tribunal Claims.

Here, we try to answer some general questions about our prices, the various ways we can price our services, and explain how we agree with you the pricing model that best meets each of our needs.

Price: Fair and transparent pricing

We don’t aspire to be the cheapest; we aspire to offer value for money for the services we provide.  We want to provide you with a great service and that means ensuring that the cost is one which is fair to both parties: you and us.

You may find something that appears to be cheaper elsewhere, but, where you do, or if you think that we are not competitive, we’d ask that you please talk to us.  It may be that you are comparing apples with pears.

We can’t always compete purely on price:  For some types of work (such as employment and HR support) we compete against non-lawyers and unregulated businesses.  As a law firm:

  • we are strictly regulated;
  • must have a certain level of insurance;
  • and our advisors are all qualified lawyers and bound by professional rules of conduct.

These are just three benefits of using a law firm as opposed to e.g. a HR company.

  • Another is that the advice we give to you will be legally privileged.
  • Another is that we have a team of lawyers who understand all the areas a business may need; so both you, and the lawyer who supports you, can tap into that whenever the need arises.

You need to decide whether these benefits outweigh the potentially cheaper prices of an unregulated business or adviser.

Because our business model is client-focused, many of our team have sector specialisms too (designed to better support you, our clients, by better understanding the world in which you operate).  We think this is beneficial.  Existing clients agree and recommend us to others.

We will continue to do our best to remain competitive on price and believe we offer value for money for our clients.  If you think we are not competitive, please talk to us and give us an opportunity to explain where our value lies.  We are in it for the long-term.

How much a matter will cost will depend on a whole range of things.  We explain and give examples here.