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Price and other information

Our regulator has required us to publish on our website certain information about price.

This includes information about the provision of advice and representation to:

~ employees in relation to the bringing of claims before an Employment Tribunal against an employer for wrongful dismissal or unfair dismissal; and

~ employers in relation to defending claims before an Employment Tribunal brought by an employee for wrongful dismissal or unfair dismissal.

Employment tribunal claims “only”

The pricing information on this page deals with the above types of employment claims work only.

Not all employment related claims will be brought before employment tribunals.  Contractual claims where the claimant is seeking a higher level of damages, for example, may instead be heard in the High Court.  It is even possible that you may wish to pursue, or be forced to defend, claims in both the employment tribunal and the courts.  We can help you with both claims.

We also provide other employment and HR support to clients including, for example, drafting and advising on contracts and policies, sickness absence management, dealing with performance and conduct issues, claims under the Agency Workers Regulations 2010, cross border TUPE transfers, corporate manslaughter policies, director or partnership disputes, and employee share schemes.  This page is not intended to cover such sorts of work, although you may find the information here useful.

When you seek support from us with an employment related issues, we will advise you as to which is the most appropriate course of action for you.

Who will be responsible for paying the costs?

In employment tribunal claims, the general rule is that each party bears its own costs (rather than the “winning” party seeking, or being awarded, a contribution towards its costs from the “losing” party).

In exceptional cases, where we consider that it might be feasible to seek costs from the other side, we will, of course, explore this with you.

In general though, you will be liable for paying for the costs associated with bringing or defending a claim in the employment tribunal (including all 4 strands of the price, described further below).

In some cases, you may have other funding options available – such as cover under an insurance policy.  Where this is the case, your insurers might be willing to pick up some of the costs of bringing or defending a claim.  We will discuss this with you when we first contact you about your case.  If you know that you do have such cover, please make us aware of that as soon as possible.

We also work with a number of insurers in relation to the cost of defending or bringing claims.

The 4 strands of the price

The final price you pay for legal services for this type of work will be made up of four broad elements.

Please click on each link to learn more about each element.

  1. Our Fee or Fees (what we will charge for “doing the legal work”);
  2. Disbursements (other costs, payable to third parties who provide services for you, including, where applicable, Counsel’s fees);
  3. Other charges, which we call Expenses; and
  4. VAT.

Key stages and timescales

For information on the key stages of, and timescales for, an Employment Tribunal Claim, please click here.