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Certainty on costs is good for you, good for us, and good for business.

Whilst we cannot provide a shopping list of set prices, we will:

  1. continue to do our best to remain competitive on price;
  2. strive to offer value for money for our clients;
  3. discuss and explore options with you in order to find the best pricing structure for both you and us;
  4. always discuss and agree a price or a pricing model with you before we start to provide you with our services and keep you informed on any changes to any fixed or estimated price as matters progress;
  5. be in it for the long-term (if you want us to be, and subject to professional conduct issues);
  6. ensure that a lawyer who is a partner of the firm will have overall responsibility for your matter so that you can be assured of an experienced pair of hands at the helm;
  7. ensure that one lawyer will be responsible for the day to day conduct of your matter, that they will understand your matter and what you want to achieve, and that you will be able to contact them directly;
  8.  let you know, in writing, who will be on your team, who the lead lawyer is, who the partner is, and what each of those lawyers’ hourly rates are (even where these rates are not the agreed basis for pricing);
  9. be ready to listen to any concerns you have about price or service levels; and
  10. add value to you and your business in other areas wherever we can.

If we meet these objectives for you, we trust that you will be happy with our services, will pay for them in a timely manner, and will want to work with us again.

We explain more about our pricing on the pages below: