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Careers Focus: An interview with Robert Eakins

Photo of Rob EakinsAs part of our Career Focus series, we’re speaking to members of our team about their careers to date and to get their thoughts on the future of the legal profession. Today we’re talking to commercial and IP solicitor, Rob Eakins

How long have you been working with HRC Law and what was your career before that?

I started at HRC Law in September 2018, immediately after qualification. I worked in a few different industries before that. I particularly enjoyed the years I spent working in the business support sector, and was involved in a few different projects. My favourite role was as a youth enterprise coach, teaching young people how to launch and run a record label. This was to teach them about the music industry but also to teach them transferable skills. It was great fun and very rewarding.

Can you remember what first drew you to a career in law?

I took a Masters’ degree in Music Industry Studies at the University of Liverpool, which included a legal issues module. I was fascinated by the recording contracts and management agreements I saw, and decided to learn more about the legal aspects of the music industry. Soon after that I set up an independent record label, and got even more experience of music industry contracts.

Why did you choose to specialise in commercial and intellectual property?

I’ve always enjoyed working with entrepreneurs and supporting people as they launch and develop businesses. I have great respect for people who decide to move their life in a new direction, and it’s a privilege to assist them on their journey. When I worked as a business adviser, most of the companies I worked with were from the creative industries, so I needed to have a working knowledge of IP matters. It seemed a logical step to follow a route to qualification and use my experience and knowledge as part of a new career.

What attracted you to HRC Law?

I liked that they were a small, agile firm, who were also award winners. I enjoyed the interview with Graham and Rick so much I knew we shared a common approach to supporting clients, and that I would enjoy working with them.

What has been the toughest part of your career to date?

Deciding which area to qualify into. I had always planned to do commercial and IP, but my seat in business crime and regulation was absolutely fascinating, particularly the work I did around cryptocurrency. It was a tough decision to move away from that.

What has been the most rewarding part of your career to date?

As lawyers, we get to meet so many interesting people with greatly varying outlooks on life. It’s a challenging and rewarding job.