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Information Technology is central to any business in the modern world.  We act for a wide range of businesses in the sector, including those that provide on-site technical support, design and market hardware, software, mobile applications and cloud-based solutions, as well as for e-commerce businesses.

We also recognise the need for every business to be able to rely on their information technology solutions and support. Therefore, we work closely with our clients to ensure they are confident in their resources and contracts.

Due to the ever-increasing reach of this sector, our expertise has grown alongside the industry.

We can advise on outsourcing your IT function to a third party, protecting your intellectual property, your commercial agreements and the renegotiation of licences.  We advise extensively on the following arrangements:

  • Software licences and support and maintenance packages
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technology
  • IT Procurement and outsourcing arrangements
  • Cloud hosting solutions and agreements
  • ‘App’ development agreements and licensing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) agreements
  • Software development agreements
  • Support with Extensive ERP or CRM solutions
  • Research and development agreements
  • Escrow arrangements
  • Website developments, hosting and maintenance contracts
  • Data sharing agreements
  • E-commerce solutions and platforms
  • IT disputes and protection of digital intellectual property

To find out more, please contact, Associate, Graham Hansen on T: 0161 358 0552 or at E: grahamhansen@hrclaw.co.uk.