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GDPR ~ Tailoring: Here for you

    If you have made the strategic decision or don’t have the resources to prepare for GDPR internally, and would like someone else to help (with a little, or a lot of this) for you, we offer bespoke GDPR support with flexible pricing plans. If you’d like to talk through the various options in […]

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GDPR ~ Testing: Healthcheck

    This one is for you if you are already preparing for GDPR but would like some comfort that you are on the right track. You may be underway with your gap analysis, but looking for support with determining key risks or with decisions about where to focus your resources and the next steps. […]

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GDPR ~ Training: Half a day’s help

    This one is for you if you are looking to establish a deeper understanding of GDPR and/or to manage the compliance process for your business yourself/internally. It’s also the perfect follow-on training if you’ve attended one of our initial free GDPR seminars, and are ready to get cracking with practical preparations. We’ll look […]

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GDPR ~ Tasting: High Level Seminar

    If you missed out on our earlier seminars, and are still trying to get a grasp on GDPR and the implications for your business, this one is for you! We’ll provide a high-level overview of GDPR and an update in light of the additional guidance. Details are as follows: Date: 27th February 2018 […]

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The Social Care Compliance Scheme: A wake-up call about sleep-in shifts?

At the start of November 2017, HMRC introduced the Social Care Compliance Scheme (the Scheme) for social care providers that may have incorrectly paid workers below legal minimum wage hourly rates for sleep-in shifts. We take a closer look at “sleep-in” shifts and national minimum/living wage issues connected to them.

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Buying Property through your pension –SIPPs

Why it might be good to take a SIPP Helen Marsh explores SIPPs and why using such vehicles could be a shrewd way to save longer-term. Advantages: The advantages of investing in property through a self-invested personal pension (“SIPP”) include: tax relief on contributions paid into your SIPP; exemption from Income Tax on receipt of […]

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